Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Miracle Fruit

Hi, we haven't written in awhile.

Because we're hooked on drugs...

Miracle Berry drugs, that is.

Don't worry. They're safe. They're little tablets made from dehydrated berries grown in an exotic place. Pop a pill, rub it on your tongue, and suddenly sour things taste sweet!

We found these here
We read more about them here.
We bought them here.

Here's the original line-up of food we were going to taste... 

But we went into a frenzied rush looking for random food to taste, and here's what our table looked like afterwards. 

In the end, citrus (especially lemon) had the most drastic and appealing change. Other favorites were strawberries, pinot grigio (ahem.. not that we tried that), pineapple and vinegar. 

Happy summer!

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