Monday, August 29, 2011


We're about to dump quite a few pictures on you.

Byrne spent a glorious few weeks in Italy this summer (Charlotte's summer adventures are coming soon!).

She took a cooking class. She visited a farmers market. She toured a winery and an olive... oilery? In other words, it was magic.

Olive man and his olive friends at a market in Puglia

Cucumbers, I was told

Fresh almonds! They're commonly eaten on ice, on the beach in southern Italy. Once you crack open the green, outer skin, there's another layer of thin, white, bitter skin, and at last, the almond. Tastes almondy, but less strong. Its what I imagine an acorn would taste like.

Capers! We bought some packed in salt (pictured here) and are canning them in vinegar ourselves.

A condiment ketchup sized chocolate espresso. Why don't they have these in the US?!

Lemons the size of our heads (literally)

One of many cannolis

Calzone "with salad"

Mr. Crabs

Buon appetito!

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