Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coconut, Pretzel & Chocolate Obsession

Lately, we've been craving large bags of coconut, heaping servings of chocolate, and copious amounts of pretzels. It started last week, when we decided that a chocolate/pretzel/coconut cookie would be delicious. We whipped up some cookie dough, making up the recipe along the way, and added our three favorite ingredients of the week.

They actually looked pretty good going into the oven. The batter tasted amazing. Unfortunately, when we checked ten minutes later, the high concentration of butter in the cookies had melted everywhere and was now dripping off the cookie sheet. In a state of panic, we scraped up the seeping mess and threw it in a bowl. It looked almost the same as it had ten minutes prior, perhaps a tad browner. Thinking that this disaster could be salvaged, we added more flour, oats and eggs to the mixture and chose a new cookie sheet, this one with high edges to stop anything else from spilling onto the floor of the oven. After the second round, the cookies looked alright, but they tasted very blah. They weren't disgusting, but they were certainly not anything you would want to eat.

We sent them home with a friend who actually liked them a bit and concluded that this attempt was a failure. However, the craving for coconut, pretzels and chocolate lived on.

Next up, we went all coconut with coconut ice cream. We threw some skim milk, coconut milk, half-and-half, shredded sweetened coconut and sugar into the food processor. Then, Byrne's ice cream machine went to work, freezing and thickening the gunk. When the ice cream was finished, it was completely refreshing and definitely what we were craving, but the consistency wasn't right, so the recipe isn't quite "blog-worthy". We will have to find a better one another time.

Not completely content with how the ice cream worked out, we went to work on something else, this time reintroducing the pretzels and chocolate. We wanted to do something simple, since the first few tries weren't satisfactory. Chocolate covered pretzel rods with shredded coconut. Yum. These are really too basic to write out a recipe for.

We melted chocolate chips in a saucepan.

We spread the gooey chocolate on one half of several pretzel rods.

We rolled the chocolate-half in shredded coconut.

The rods are all set to go in the fridge!

After a few minutes of hardening, they are finished! The pretzels were exactly what we were craving. Success!

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